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I am committed to providing my clients the highest quality products while saving you money. One of the best ways to save is by giving you freedom to print images and make albums any way you want, with any service provider you prefer. No restrictive print-packages or gimmicky album money-traps.


Many photographers pressure clients into marked-up print packages. But I think we'll all aware how easy and inexpensive it is now to upload photos and purchase high quality prints from online and local printers. Rather than limit my clients with fixed packages, I offer my expertise in helping you choose from a variety of excellent and professional printers, online and localthe same ones I use. If one wonders why I don't take advantage of the opportunity to charge inflated prices for paper prints, the answer is that I prefer to gain future business by good word-of-mouth. :-)

   Printers I recommend:
   Bay Photo ~ http://www.bayphoto.com
   Costco ~ http://shop.costco.com/Photo-Center/Index
   MPix ~ http://www.mpix.com/


A fine album is a lasting heirloom that receives regular use. Therefore it is my strong conviction that people should choose albums which match their tastes and will also last at least 100 years of frequent use. Coffee-table albums may be handled on a weekly basis by yourselves and guests but only well-made ones can withstand the wear.  

No doubt, high-quality albums can be expensive and there are many styles. Choosing which images go into the album can be tough, too. For these reasons I urge clients to hold off on purchasing their album for at least six months or a year while saving up to purchase (or fashion for themselves) the best album possible. Your album is an investment which shouldn't be rushed. Meanwhile you can enjoy your digital files and make 4"x6" prints to pass around. Many clients treat theirs like a one-year anniversary gift.

When you feel ready to create your album, I welcome you to come back to me for help with those services. My design service is $20/hour and usually takes 7 to 10 hours, plus the base cost of the album materials. I use Blurb.com, Asukabook.com, Photobookpress.com, or most other styles you may like. The books themselves cost $100-250, have non-fading thick museum paper, sewn bindings, and cloth covers. 

Because the digital files are yours to keep, you have the option of choosing other dedicated services or even making the album yourselves. It is much easier than you might think, it just takes time. So you could save hundreds of dollars by shopping around or being creative.

Again, you can always come back to me if you choose. However, most of my clients have opted to create their own albums after realizing how easy it is, especially with modern software provided by album companies. So they saved themselves lots of money on truly excellent albums that will stand the wear of time.


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